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10 Useful Online Resources For Toronto Expats New To The City

Michael DAlimonte
by Michael DAlimonte on September 4, 2015 at 4:30 AM

expat tornoto

Lets face it, the internet is a double-edged sword. Yes, you can find and abundance of information on just about any topic, including all sorts of useful knowledge on the city you're planning on moving to, but since almost anyone can post just about anything online, it's hard to tell which online sources are actually reliable.

So when surfing online for useful guides, social groups, or government-run services as an expat moving to a new city, you really need to have a critical eye and wade through all of the nonsense. Or, if you're an expat moving to Toronto, you can just rest easy and take a gander at our selection of online resources for Toronto expats.

After searching through the large expanse of the world wide web, we managed to find ten invaluable websites that will aid just about anyone moving to Toronto from outside of Canada. Even Canadians new to Toronto will get a lot out of these sites. Learn about your new city from the comfort of your computer with our list of useful online resources for Toronto expats below.

Toronto Savvy

Physically the largest city in Canada, Toronto is not just gigantic in size, but is also huge when it comes to culture and events. Knowing what's going on in the city can be incredibly daunting, unless you have a resource like Toronto Savvy at-hand. Keep up to date on recent news stories and every major happening in Toronto, to ensure you don't spend your first few months cooped up indoors.

Toronto YMCA Newcomers Group

The YMCA's Newcomer Information Centre welcomes newcomers to Canada across the nation, and the YMCAs of Toronto expand upon the initiative a with a Toronto-focus. Those who have just moved to Toronto and who are registered for the YMCA's newcomer settlement program can join the Toronto YMCA Newcomers Facebook group, an online resource for Toronto expats that connects recent transplants to Toronto. The Facebook group also hosts a number of events to get members familiar with the city.


The Province of Ontario's List of Newcomer Settlement Agencies

There are a lot of different organizations in Toronto and across the GTA who are devoted to aiding recent immigrants/expats, and thankfully the province of Ontario's website lists close to all of them. You can find newcomer settlement agencies of every sort on the web page, all geared towards a specific demographic or cultural identity. No doubt you'll be able to find an agency that fits your profile.

Expat Blog: Toronto

Got a question only another expat would ever think of? Need to know the meaning behind a particular Canadian custom? Post your query on the Expat Blog's Toronto forum and you'll no doubt find an answer. Questions range from tips on finding a job to hiring a nanny and everything in between, so feel free to post whatever may be on your mind.


The Expatriate Mind

Created in April 2005, The Expatriate Mind is a blog devoted towards political commentary and notes on immigration issues and Canadian culture in general. Written solely by a US expat in Canada (who has also written books on immigrating to Canada) the blog has a wide variety of posts that newcomers to Toronto will find useful. Note, however, that the author of the blog has taken a brief hiatus on posting new content, but you can still find plenty of useful information by checking out the blog's archive of articles.

Toronto Newbie

Well-written and engaging, the Toronto Newbie is a blog written by a British expat and journalist with a strong passion for exploration. An entire category of articles on Toronto Newbie is devoted to recent immigrants, while others cover food, festivals, and outdoor activities to be enjoyed in the Toronto-area, making the blog simultaneously fun and informative.

Internation's Toronto Expatriates Network

No matter what nation or culture you may hail from, Internation has an expatriate network for you. You do have to become an official member to gain most of the information available, which also includes guides and events, along with forums devoted to various nationalities.


Brits in Toronto

Even though the title of this online resource for Toronto expats is geared towards British folk, that doesn't mean the blog isn't useful to any newcomer to the city. Features on life in Toronto, cool bars, and advice on living in the city can be read on Brits in Toronto, making it pretty useful for anyone. Actual Brits will gain the most out of the content overall, however, as lot of the writing is geared towards British expats. If you do hail from the UK, be sure to also check out our own blog-collaboration with Brits in Toronto here.

Expat Meetups In Toronto

Want to actually meet other expats living in the city? Well, there's probably a meetup for that. Expat Meetups in Toronto regularly organizes a wide array of social gatherings, with focuses on general interests and nationalities.


Don't underestimate the usefulness of Reddit. While the website may have a reputation for being a major time-waster, certain threads (or subreddits) can be quite useful, r/Toronto included. Here you'll gain news bits about the city you won't find anywhere else, while also being able to post any question you may have which will then be answered by true Torontonians. You can also find links to a wide variety of Toronto-focused websites and media organizations in the subreddit too.

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Michael DAlimonte
Written by Michael DAlimonte
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