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Top 3 Fastest Growing Industries in Atlanta

Sean Taylor
by Sean Taylor on January 4, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Are you considering moving to Atlanta but not exactly sure if you will be able to find a job? Well, as you may have heard, the job market is one of the 10 reasons you should move to Atlanta. The city is projected to gain over 112,000 jobs by 2020 and nearly half of them are expected to be due to retirement or turnover, according to the Metro Atlanta's Regional Workforce Plan. This not only makes Atlanta a great place to find a job, but advance your career.

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Moving to a new city can be tough, but moving to a new city without a job is tougher. However, sometimes an industry is growing so quickly that it seems that jobs are always available. Here we have compiled Atlanta's top three fastest growing industries over the next five years and take a deeper dive into what makes each one so promising. 

Industry #1: Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been booming for years in Atlanta. Industry growth continued through the recession, outpacing the city’s overall employment growth over the same period. According to the Metro Atlanta Regional Workforce plan, healthcare employment expanded 17 percent since 2010 and now accounts for over 202,000 jobs.

The good news for aspiring healthcare professionals is there is no sign of this progress slowing down. Healthcare is projected to grow 25 percent by 2020, bringing an additional 50,000 jobs to the Atlanta. Considering new positions and turnover, the city reports that this will amount to at least 18,700 job availabilities each year.


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Piedmont Hospital and Atlanta Medical Center are just a few hospitals driving this growth along with Atlanta-based Emory University continuing to spread specialty hospitals and satellites throughout the region. National Health Institute, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has also recognized the booming healthcare economy in Atlanta, expanding its footprint near Emory’s college campus and hospital in Decatur.

If you are passionate about serving children, there is no better place to start than Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. One of the city’s most beloved organizations, the hospital and its branches are well-known for its high level of care and strong connection with the Atlanta community.

With both large and small institutions in mind, Registered Nurses will experience a 19 percent employment increase. This makes Registered Nurses the most in-demand occupation across all industries in Atlanta over the next five years. 


Although healthcare employment was led by large established hospitals in the past, Atlanta has become be a great place to start your own practice.

Two major healthcare sectors account for most of the jobs. General and Medical Surgical Hospitals represent over a third of industry employment (70,000 jobs) and Offices of Physicians currently provides about 42,000 jobs. However, the city government predicts the fastest growing healthcare sectors over the next five years to be Home Healthcare Services and Thereapists and Audiologists, growing 63 percent and 61 percent respectively. 

Atlanta is an amazing city for young professionals, however the increase in medical demands is mostly due to their elder generations. U.S. News reported the Metro Atlanta area as one of the top 20 choice cities where baby boomers are retiring. Many of these of these people will need various forms of individual or specialty care in addition to general hospital services. If you are a bit entrepreneurial this includes in-home services as well.

Industry #2: Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics might sound a little old school but the industry has done quite well for itself in Atlanta, growing 14 percent over the past 6 years and bringing over 16,300 jobs to Atlanta. The industry is expected to bring an additional 5,700 jobs to the city.


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Atlanta-based Delta Airlines plans to continue expansion into 2017. Many of their job opportunities will come in sales and marketing in addition to ground and air transportation. UPS, also headquartered in Atlanta, is in high times as e-commerce has increased this year's profits faster than expected.

“In our domestic side, we’ve expanded our margins even though the economy isn’t as good as we would like for it to be,” Chief Executive David Abney said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

UPS is currently planning and creating more positions to fuel support growth. There are also some great companies on the smaller but well-established side of things. Rubicon Global, a commercial garbage and waste management company, is the fastest growing transportation and logistics company in Georgia, while BlueLinx Corporation and 3PD are widely considered as the next two in line.


Major sectors include truck freight, warehousing and, of course, air transportation - led by Hartsfield-Jackson, the world’s busiest airport every year since 2000.

The future growth in this industry is high but a little more complex than the other industries on this list. Support Activities for Road Transportation grew a whoppping 300 percent since 2010 and is projected to continue on a similar trajectory. Meanwhile, Taxi and Limousine services are expected to lose jobs, largely due to the market entry of services such as Uber and Lyft which do not technically fit into the sector yet.

Also, other categories such as Freight Transportation Arrangement and Long Distance Trucking project growth of about 30 percent. With that said, the rule of thumb for this industry is basically “There is plenty of opportunity in Transporation and Logistics, as long as you aren’t driving a taxi.”   

Industry #3: Information Technology

The Information Technology industry was only slightly outpaced by Healthcare in growth since 2010 and looks to create 14,500 new jobs over the next 5 years. Considering replacement jobs, the industry is expected to bring over 7,300 jobs a year to Atlanta through 2020.

According to the Metro Atlanta Regional Workforce Plan, much of industry growth is driven by the Custom Computer Programming Services, Computer Systems Design Services, and Software Publishers sectors.

If you are in the tech field, there is no doubt Atlanta could use your talent. Many companies have had so much trouble fulflilling talent need that non-profit workforce development programs such as Year Up have come to Atlanta to help fill IT related entry level positions. Sometimes these programs have gotten participants into $50,000 to $60,000 positions without a college degree.


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The Information Technology industry currently accounts for over 96,000 jobs in Atlanta. Wired Telecommunication Carriers are a major sector with industry giants, AT&T and Verizon, continuing to increase their already strong presence in the city. Still, Information Technology is one of Atlanta’s more diverse industries with positions ranging from web developers and software engineers to consultants and sales reps.

If you are looking for a young, fast-moving company, Atlanta’s tech community is the place to be. In the midst of giant IT incumbents, the city’s strong startup environment is creating employment opportunities that serve a wide spectrum of industries. Unsurprisingly, many of the fastest growing startups are in the healthcare tech and transportation and logistics technology spaces.

Atlanta is also become a sales and marketing technology oasis of sorts. Startups such as Terminus, SalesFusion and SalesLoft have hyper growth. Market performance has gone so well that larger companies like Salesforce, Marketo and Lead Forensics have moved to Atlanta and are quickly expanding their footprint to take advantage of the city's network and resources. More than any other category, these companies are always looking for young and hungry engineers and salespeople. 

Atlanta Tech Village and Tech Square are great epicenters in the city to get connected with both startups and legacy technology companies. 


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Moving to a new city for a job can be exciting, but having the flexibility to stay has its benefits. There is a lot of value in a city that offers employment as well as potential accelerated career advancement. Atlanta definitely fits this description in terms of Healthcare, Logistics and Transportation and Information Technology. 

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Sean Taylor
Written by Sean Taylor
Sean Taylor is a writer and internet marketer who who specializes in building online communities around unique brands.
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