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The Best Toronto Neighborhoods For Young Professionals

by Navut on August 27, 2013 at 3:19 PM

Just like a family needs to find the perfect neighborhood for their children, young professionals need an area where they can thrive. This crowd typically looks for a neighborhood with a trendy atmosphere. The ability to conveniently work, play, and meet people with similar lifestyles is very important. If you’re a young professional moving to Toronto, it can be a little intimidating without proper knowledge of the city. Here are some of the best Toronto neighborhoods for young professionals who want to arrive on the scene!


Yonge & Eglinton

So many young professionals have flocked to this area that it was given the appropriate nickname “Young and Eligible”. Located in midtown Toronto, it’s a central area that had a huge surge of development in recent years, and as the name implies, is also considered by many to be the best place to live in Toronto for singles. Tons of high-rise buildings have popped up, supplying room for condo properties highly sought after by the young and upcoming crowd. Big businesses have found offices here, which have created a more corporate persona for the area. Don’t let the business aspect fool you; there are lots of stylish small businesses to be found on Young Street, like the new location of the popular Drake General Store. Movie theatres, cafes, and a thriving restaurant scene (be sure to try Bamburger) make this area fully equipped for the young person on the go.

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The Best Toronto Neighborhoods For Young Professionals


You don’t think about young professionals without thinking about Yorkville (located in the broader boundaries of The Annex). It has been a frontrunner for this crowd ever since high end shopping and dining became the neighborhoods selling point. High fashion flourishes here with almost every major label having opened a store. Hazelton Lanes, the main upscale shopping centre, is well known all over the world. Over 15 art galleries are available to enjoy, along with chic restaurants like Sassafraz and Ciao Wine Bar. Although it features some of the highest rent in the city, and is one of the richest areas in toronto, lots of young professionals can’t help but indulge in the beautifully built condos and lofts.

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The Best Toronto Neighborhoods For Young Professionals

The Junction

This intriguing area is found in the west of Toronto. It began as an extremely industrious neighborhood, and remained with that persona until the powers of gentrification transformed it into the hip area it is today. The Junction is full of young, ambitious, and stylish people. Rent prices aren’t as high as other trendy neighborhoods in Toronto, making it more attractive to the young crowd. With an excess of abandoned industrial properties, tons of new businesses have moved in. All of these businesses cater to the chic crowd and the neighborhood now has some of the most buzz worthy restaurants and bars. Check out Marky & Sparky’s Smokehouse for delicious barbeque, or Playa Cabana Cantina for tacos and quality tequila.

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