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Close More Deals As a Top Navut Agent: 5 Tips to Help You Succeed

Anna Tobin
by Anna Tobin on December 19, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Every agent has their own style. Whether you have years of experience or are just starting out, it’s important to keep in mind some fundamentals to effectively communicate and execute when working with Navut’s relocation clients.

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We’ve compiled 5 tips to help you succeed as a Navut agent.  These best practices aim to help you close more Navut clients, and faster.

1. Qualify, Qualify, Qualify:  Make Initial Contact With Client

The first call is part of two processes: appointment making and qualification. The first and foremost goal of this call is to book an in-person appointment with the client. Whether it’s at your office, in your client's home or in a public place, suggest your turf first and offer to go anywhere your client is most comfortable with.  For relocation clients, suggest a skype call or google hangout with your client to get a face to face meeting and make your initial contact as personable as possible.

Secondly, your conversation should attempt to gauge the interest of your client. A great way to weed out the less qualified clients is to ask about time frame. Based on their answer, create categories like “A” leads who will likely take action in 30 days or less, “B” leads who will not take action for another 30 to 90 days, and so forth.  

One of  Navut’s top real-estate agents, Nhan "Young" Nguyen, believes the first call allows agents to gauge how serious your lead is about buying or renting. “That first call is everything,” Young confides. “I get a feel for the person, and how serious they are – is this someone I can close quickly?”  

2. Be Responsive

Return any calls, text or emails immediately. The client needs to feel like they are very important to you. We recommend calling first; there is nothing more immediate and personal then a phone conversation. The style with which you communicate is also important. Communicate  in a way that mirrors the behavior of the client: if the client prefers text, then text; if the client wants a phone call, call the client.

Frank Carroll, Navut’s top real estate agent in South Boston, prefers to ask about communication upfront. “I often ask the person how they would like to be contacted, this way I know how to communicate with them in a style that they will appreciate,” says Frank. “Learning how to best communicate with your lead can make or break a potential close.”


A woman in a pink blazer smiling while talking on the phone - Navut

3. Be Transparent And Build Trust

Before viewings, send enough options and allow the client to filter them according to their preferences (this is especially key for relocating clients). If the client is not in town yet, give them enough information to build trust so they feel confident to rent a home even before they arrive.  For home purchases, this enables Navut’s top agents to narrow down property searches. As a result, the deal is closed much faster.

When meeting with the client for the first time, take this opportunity to explain the process, the potential roadblocks you and the client may face, and a few scenarios that could occur.  Further down the road, be transparent about any negotiating. Keep regular communication and make sure your client is aware that you will likely adjust the strategy throughout the process as needed.

This is particularly important for Navut’s international relocation clients. At Navut, you are getting ahead of the competition by having access to relocation leads before they even arrive. Clients coming from out of country will appreciate anything they can learn from you - from the real-estate regulations and culture to the nature of your services.

Sharing Navut’s neighborhood finder, moving guides, and blog posts is a great way to get your client familiarized with the city and build confidence in you as an expert. This insider content will give you a competitive edge.

4. Make Your Viewings Count

Once your client has arrived in the city, taking your client on property viewings helps further narrow down what they want and manage their expectations. Gauging reactions to several properties with significant differences, but still in line with the client’s needs, can help you evaluate what the client appreciates.

“Once I have them on a viewing, I know I am much closer to the close,”  Frank Carroll explains, but he recommends keeping the number of properties low. “Be careful to show the most appropriate properties - not too many, not too few. “This should be part of the initial face-to-face. Start with one or two, just to get connected and get it done.”

5. Use a CRM

Using a customer relationship management tool (CRM) will help you manage, close and grow your real-estate business. Tracking leads can help you create a healthy business by categorizing clients as short term to long term, and properly managing follow-ups. Following-up multiple times may seem daunting and time consuming, but it does pay off when done with tact and persistence.

While there are many tried and tested methods to closing real estate deals, customer service is really at the center of the home buying process. Competition between agents is unwavering and it is those who commit to developing strong relationships, working with transparency, and staying organized that stack up higher than the rest. While Navut offers unique access to qualified clients, ensuring best practices is key to the success of your real estate business.


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Anna Tobin
Written by Anna Tobin
Anna is a Partnership Manager at Navut. Originally from Newfoundland, Anna has lived in Sweden, Latvia and multiple cities across Canada. Anna is passionate about immigration, integration, and how innovative tech can change the world.
Written by Author

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